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What is my home?

My Home is a Mobile application and Web Portal that helps you, access your life information easily and make it available to you anywhere, anytime.

Every home member has his private and public areas.

Home - we understand it. No one has the time or tools to manage so much  information. 

We are here to save the day!

home - the biggest thing in your life

Home is the biggest thing in your life that you don't manage.
Never lose priceless Family and Life information ever again.
Manage your home together with all your family members as you are all users who share the same home.

Answer these question we deal with daily

What antibiotics did my kid take last time?

What was that Recipe of my Grandma’s Lasagna?

Where is my University diploma?

Where is my life insurance?

When does the warranty on my car battery expire?

Where is my pet license and what did the vet recommend last time?

Where is my child class contact list?

What did I forget to buy my son at the duty free?

What’s my daughter’s favorite Shampoo brand?

What’s my contract with my Internet provider?

How do I share my groceries list with my husband?

Whats our monthly budget as a family?

Average home statistics you lose every year

Medical Records
Important Assets
Home Budget Items
Active Home Lists

The Team

Igor Marchenko

Programming wizard

Guy Vatman


Avi Avni

Founding C.E.O.

Yoav Davidson


Mor Atlas

Product Evangelist